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Stop Selling and Start Helping Clients Succeed.

Helping Clients Succeed addresses the skills and principles needed to fundamentally change the way you do business with your customers. The result is radical success for you and your clients.

Today's Sales Challenge:

The buyer/seller relationship in fundamentally broken. Let's face it, buyers simply don't trust sellers. Years and years of dysfunctional buying behaviors have given rise to dysfunctional selling behaviors. Too often sales professionals approach their customers with a faulty mindset that sales is something they do to their customers rather than with them. Sales professionals often focus more on “hitting their numbers” than on finding solutions that exactly meet the needs of their clients. The result is usually missed quotas and unloyal customers.This is unfortunate because if your really think about it, both the buyer and the seller really do want the same thing—a solution that meets the client's needs.

No matter how hard they try, sales professionals will never reach their true potential unless they can manage to change their paradigm and focus on helping their clients succeed.

The Solution

FranklinCovey’s consultative sales methodology titled Helping Clients Succeed teaches the skills practiced by the top 3% of sales professionals in the world. It is a combination of critical communication skills coupled with disciplined business thinking, and fierce execution that enable sales people to talk honestly, explore the real issues, and collaborate to craft solutions that exactly meet their client’s needs.


Helping Clients Succeed provides a framework that blends the art of sales with the science of sales. It uses a simple model—called the ORDER model—to illustrate the different stages of an effective sales process.

Participants will learn to successfully do the following:

  1. Focus their intent on becoming trusted business advisers for their clients.
  2. Ask effective questions and genuinely listen so clients feel understood and valued.
  3. Move away from “solution pitches” and start having results-driven conversations.
  4. Craft solutions that exactly meet clients’ needs and buying criteria.
  5. Enable effective decision-making and execution strategies.
  6. Gracefully exit while preserving the relationship when a solution can’t be reached.

To learn more about the Helping Clients Succeed suite of training, please contact us at: 800.707.5191, or at spp@franklincovey.com.